Domaine G. Saumaize, Vin de Bourgogne

Domaine G.Saumaize is a family business located in South Burgundy near to Solutré rock. It is in this historical place that their wines convey all their characters.



Domaine G.Saumaize is a family business located in South Burgundy 5 miles away from Macon in Davayé.

Wine-growers from father to son for generations, it is the passion for wine that joins the Saumaize family together. Traditionally, their vineyards have been planted on the Vergisson Rock, an outstanding place in history and culture.

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The estate

Domaine G.Saumaize is a family business of 14, 5 ha. The vineyards are only a few minutes away from Solutré and Vergisson Rocks.

The estate stretches over 4 villages (Prissé, Solutré, Vergisson and Dayavé) with at least 30 parcels of land. It’s these differences of terroir that make their vineyard, exceptional wines.

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The domain is run with sustainable methods, in minimizing the interventions.

Guillaume pays a particular attention to the work of his soils to preserve them and make all specificities of his terroir stand out.

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Our wines

The proximity of Solutré and Vergisson Rocks and the combination of clay and chalky soils give to the wine their strongly-marked minerality. Their wines are noble, thanks to the fame of the hillside, they are well balanced benefiting of the generosity of the Mâconnais and the freshness of Vergisson.

This estate has known 3 generations of wine-growers who have worked hard and have done their best, which, today, gives the luck to have vines aged between 30 to 80 years old.  This allows a natural regulation of yields giving very good concentrations.

The Saint Véran is produced on the villages of Dayavé and Prissé, the Pouilly Fuissé on Solutré and Vergisson, and finally the White Macon on Vergisson and Dayavé.